Vigilante 1982



Vigilante Eddie Marino (Robert Forster) is a factory worker in New York City. Vickie ( Rutanya) is his wife, as is Scott ( Dante Joseph). Eddie’s co-worker and friend, Nick ( Fred Williamson) as well as two coworkers, Burke and Ramon, have created a secret vigilante group because Nick and the group are sick of the lack of security in their neighborhood. Nick and his group is also dissatisfied with police officers, as the police have a tendency to fail to protect their citizens. Nick’s “group” is supported by different residents of the area who, in turn, help them. In one example, a local thug pursues a young woman to a roof of an apartment where the thug robs and then murders the victim. An elderly woman who is witness to the thug’s behavior doesn’t report the incident to police officers, however she she points to Nick and his group on the following day. Nick and his group of friends forcefully remove the thug from the streets and place him inside their van, and drive away. The thug later turns up dead in a vacant lot, with all of his legs and arms broken, and his head smashed into.

In the evening, Eddie returns home from work only to discover that Vickie has been stabbed, and Scott has been shot dead in an home invasion which was in the retaliation of Vickie helping a gas station attendant who was attacked earlier. Frederico “Rico” Melendez ( Willie Colon) who is the head of a Puerto Rican street gang, is arrested for the murder. Assistant District Attorney Mary Fletcher ( Carol Lynley) seeks a lengthy jail sentence, since New York does not have the death penalty. Nick attempts to persuade Eddie to join the vigilante group, but Eddie decides to turn Nick down and prefers to let the courts handle Rico. Rico gets released from jail after Prago (Don Blakely) the right-hand man of his is bribed by Judge Sinclair (Vincent Beck) and Eisenburg ( Joe Spinell), Rico’s attorney. Eddie angry at the judge, is sentenced for 30 days in jail.

With Eddie in prison The vigilantes track to find the source of the drug use in their community. After being able to capture a small-time dealer ( Frank Pesce) and torturing his supply, they finally find an extremely high-ranking New York mayor’s official. Eddie becomes friends with Rake ( Woody Strade) while in prison and he saves him from being sexually assaulted in the showers. Eddie is released from prison and joins the vigilante group to hunt the suspects Prago, Rico and Judge Sinclair. Eddie, Nick, Burke and Ramon confront Rico in his shady apartment, where Rico claims that he killed Eddie’s son and claims that it was Prago. A resolute Eddie shoots him dead, but narrowly escapes death when Rico’s girlfriend tries to kill him. She shoots Burke instead, and Nick kills her in self-defense. After hearing about the death of Rico, Prago takes over command of the gang. He mistakenly thinks the dirty cops killed Rico. Prago along with his gang assault the police vehicle, killing both police officers.

Vickie has been released from the hospital, but she refuses to go home with Eddie. She goes away with Eddie who is inexplicably not able to be at the house in which their son was killed. Eddie was also dismayed by his conduct in killing man and afraid that the gang might track him down, decides to leave. Nick unsuccessfully attempts to persuade Eddie to remain and fight. As Eddie departs Brooklyn the next day, he spots Prago and follows him by his feet. Prago quickly spots Eddie and they shoot at each other. Prago takes over a car and Eddie is able to steal a vehicle to follow him. Both cars collide at a local dockyard. Eddie chases Prago in a second pursuit on foot, and finally, he confronts Prago in a storage tower. Prago, madistic and insane to the point of death, confesses to having killed Scott and dares Eddie to kill him. Eddie then throws Prago off the tower , and the latter is killed. Then, Eddie plants a bomb in Judge Sinclair’s car, then watches from the distance when it explodes, killing Sinclair. Eddie leaves the film and drives off to an unknown location. Vigilante HD