Zack Snyder’s Justice League HD

Zack Snyder’s Justice League 

Zack Snyder’s Justice League แซ็ค สไนเดอร์ จัสติซ ลีก

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Five millennia ago, Apokoliptian warlord Darkseid tried to take over Earth using the three mother boxes. A group of Old Gods and Atlanteans, humans, and the Green Lantern defeat them,[c] leaving the Mother Boxes that are guarded by the Amazons as well as the Atlanteans each protect. The present is the time of the demise of Superman [d] which causes the Boxes to come back into action and attract Steppenwolf Darkseid’s exiled lieutenant. Steppenwolf is determined to gain Darkseid’s trust by bringing together all the boxes, and creating “The Unity” that will transform Earth into a identical replica of their homeworld.

Steppenwolf overcomes the Amazons on Themyscira in order to obtain their Mother Box. Diana Prince is warned by the Amazons. Then she learns about the attack of Darkseid on Earth as well as Steppenwolf. She tells Bruce Wayne that she as well as her husband are trying to form a group made up of metahumans in order to protect Earth. After not being able to find Arthur Curry previously, Bruce locates Barry Allen while Diana discovers Victor Stone. Barry accepts to be a part of Victor, Silas and the other S.T.A.R. Parademons are taken hostage by S.T.A.R. Labs employees in search of the mother of all human beings. Steppenwolf kidnaps and kills Atlantean guards, who are looking over the Mother Box, and then is able to take it away with just Mera, Arthur, and Arthur who are hesitant to leave the box.

The team receives intel from Gotham City Commissioner James Gordon. The information leads them to Steppenwolf’s army in an abandoned underwater facility. The facility is flooded, trapping the workers until Arthur is able to rescue them. Victor discovers the Mother Box he was hiding and is able to retrieve it. He informs Victor that the box was used to rebuild his body after a car accident. The boxes can organize the world according to their owners. They discover that they can revive Clark using the box, however, Steppenwolf is soon to discover the existence of the box. Steppenwolf can see the Antilife Equation in Earth. This power was utilized by Darkseid in order to take control of all life. After exhuming Clark’s corpse, the team reintroduces it to the amniotic liquid in the genesis chamber inside a Kryptonian vessel. Lois Lane is on the scene shortly before Bruce gets killed. He is able to recall his memories after the family returns to their Smallville house. Steppenwolf is able to retrieve the Mother Box. Silas, however, is willing to boost the Mother Box with laser heat. Victor can track it.

Clark isn’t with them The heroes travel to an abandoned Russian city, where Steppenwolf is determined to bring about the Unity. They fight the Parademons as Clark arrives later and defeats Steppenwolf. But, Victor fails to stop the Unity from destroying the Earth. Barry is able to get into the Speed Force just enough to grant Victor the power that will allow Victor to block the Unity. The team defeats Steppenwolf and then sends his body via a portal that leads to Darkseid in Apokolips. Darkseid says he will return to Earth in order to find the Anti-Life Equation.

Then, Bruce and Alfred Pennyworth established an office to assist the group at the abandoned Wayne Manor. They also aid Clark in getting the Kent farm returned to the bank. Arthur is introduced to Mera as well as Nuidis Vulko for a brief moment before heading away to visit his father. Barry informs his wrongly imprisoned father that he is employed in an appointment in the Central City police department. Victor is enticed to utilize his abilities after hearing an Silas audio message. Clark is back in Metropolis while Diana is contemplating returning to Themyscira.

The epilogue features Lex Luthor having escaped Arkham Asylum. He is visited by Slade Wilson on his yacht and reveals Batman’s secret identity. Bruce is awake in his penthouse following an unsettling dream of the future [g]. He is welcomed by Calvin Swanwick, the Martian Manhunter. Swanwick acknowledges Bruce for his help in putting together the team, and promises to stay in contact to assist in preparing for the return of Darkseid.